Powdered Surgical Gloves Surgilex Plus Matopat 2pc.

240 AMD
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Provide safety in the operating unit. Gloves are characterized by high elasticity and mechanical strength.
They are an effective protective barrier, and the twisted edge of the cuff facilitates the process of their non-nourishing.

  1. Powdered with corn starch, which isolates the latex surface from the palm of your hand.
  2. A structured surface at your fingertips, which helps to securely hold the tool in your hands.
  3. High durability over the entire shelf life.
  4. Sterilized with ethylene oxide or radiation.
  5. Packed in pairs in an individual paper envelope.
  6. Anatomical shape with the thumb pointing towards the palm, on the right and left hand.
  7. Glove overlay instruction.
  • Made in EU

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