Plaster bandage Pregips Matopat 15cm./4m. 12min 2 pc.

1320 AMD
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The Pregips 12 slow setting gypsum bandage is characterized by a 12-minute setting and modeling time for the bandage for up to 6 minutes, which ensures the convenience of medical staff. The perforated rod is modeled so that the gypsum bandage gets wet evenly


  • Wet time about 5 seconds, setting time 12 minutes, modeling time about 5-6 minutes.
  • Strength and quick setting time allows you to produce the first load after 20-25 minutes.

Due to the slow setting time, it is used for:

  1. Designs of complex plaster casts, consisting of several plaster bandages, such as: plaster corset.
  2. A longer curing time of the bandage guarantees a full and durable setting of the plaster cast layers.
  • Made in EU

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