Diapers for adults Super Seni Classic Large 30pc.

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Breathable diapers Super Seni Classic is a good solution for people with moderate to severe incontinence. They provide perfect fit to the body and a feeling of dryness, neutralization of unpleasant odor, reliable protection against lateral leaks, free access to the skin, minimal risk of allergic reactions, the ability to fasten or button up Velcro many times. Super Seni Classic can be used for urinary and fecal incontinence. Super Seni Classic diapers feature a dual moisture indicator that informs you of the need to replace the diaper.

  • Size - L (in the belt 100 - 150cm.)
  • Quantity in a package - 30pc.
  • Made in EU

Putting on standing position - alone or with the help of a guardian ⬇︎


Putting on a lying person ⬇︎

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