What are daily pads for?

by Anyut

What are daily pads for?

Discharges and the smells that accompany them are part of women's everyday life. Nature took care of the woman’s health in the delicate intimate area and daily discharge is a normal healthy process that protects against infections from the external environment. To maintain personal hygiene by a woman, panty liners were invented. They can be changed during the day as much as necessary to feel freshness and dryness, because they perfectly absorb the discharge.

How and in what cases to use them:

  • Mid cycle (ovulation). During this period, the discharge may increase, and female pads will be needed even for those who do not use them daily.
  • During menstruation. Using a tampon, it is convenient to insure yourself with a daily lining. In addition, panty liners come in handy a day or two before the start of your period so that they do not take you by surprise.
  • After childbirth. In the postpartum period, for several weeks, many women also use daily pads. In this case, special pads for postpartum discharge or pads with enhanced protection and absorbency are suitable. With them, the young mother will not be distracted from the baby and will feel fresh and protected. When mom is calm, baby is calm.


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