About us


Mamashop.am is an online trading platform

Mamashop.am is a delivery of household goods, cosmetics, household chemicals, etc.

We have the best prices of famous brands in Armenia.

Our policy is based on quality, optimally low price and timely delivery. Collaborating and becoming Mamashop.am subscribers is a pleasure for both buyers and partners, as we have regular discounts, bonus promotions for customers, and promotion, fast promotion of goods for partners through special programs, bonus promotions, etc.


  • We deliver simultaneously from several stores;
  • Special offers regularly operate with accumulation of bonus points for your subsequent orders.

Our goal:

The activities of mamashop.am are based on providing quality service for profitable and efficient customer service. In addition, while ensuring the online shopping process, we pay special attention to the needs and requirements of customers, providing a wide selection of quality products at affordable prices.

Our activities are aimed at achieving the following goals:

  • Create an online platform that provides access to any product at more affordable prices than in stores.
  • Combine all stores that are in great demand in a single online platform, while offering new products and information on discounts and promotions.
  • In the future, add all possible payment systems to the site, including PayPal, Skrill, American Express, etc.
  • To provide an opportunity for residents of the regions of Armenia to make purchases from stores located in Yerevan.
  • Saving your time, make shopping more convenient and affordable.

Enjoy your shopping!