The drug for strengthening nails with diamond dust Nail Therapy Professional Eveline Cosmetics 12ml

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Highly effective drug for strengthening the nails is created specifically to protect the weak nails from brittleness, cracks and delamination. Using a formula containing titanium and diamond dust on the surface of the nails, an ultra-hard coating is created to protect them from brittleness, brittleness and damage. The balm strengthens and thoroughly moistens the nails, giving them elasticity and a healthy appearance.

How to use: shake well before use. In the first day, apply the drug directly to the nails. On the second day, apply a second layer of the preparation. On the 3rd day, remove all layers with a nail polish remover and repeat the 2-day procedure again. Apply within 2 weeks, then stop using the drug for 1 month.

Attention! Do not apply the product to damaged nails (for example, after removing the hybrid or acrylic manicure). Before use, you must first apply an oil or cream to the cuticle. Avoid contact with eyes. Flammable product! For external use only. Keep out of the reach of children. Contains 2% formaldehyde, which effectively strengthens the nail plate. Contraindication for use is an allergy to any component that is part of the drug. Before use, the drug should be tested within 2-3 days. In case of allergic reactions, burning or painful sensations, stop using the drug.

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