Concentrated means for strengthening nails 8in1 Nail Therapy Professional Sensitive Eveline Cosmetics 12ml

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The revolutionary and unique formula of Nano Ceramic contains a natural aldehyde that penetrates the structure of the nail, intensively regenerating and restoring its structure. Strengthens, gives density and promotes the growth of nails. Increases the elasticity of the nail plate, than it protects against mechanical damage, as well as from cracks and delamination. The weakened and dull nails regain their gloss and smooth surface. The product forms a protective layer on the nails, which can be applied under the varnish to enhance its strength and color saturation.

Solves 8 problems of nails when they:

  1. weakened,
  2. exfoliating,
  3. thin,
  4. soft,
  5. brittle,
  6. dull,
  7. matte,
  8. uneven․

How to use: as a means to strengthen nails: apply to cleaned nails. Daily for 5 days apply on 1 layer, then remove all layers with a means for removing varnish. As a base for lacquer: apply 1 layer on cleaned nails, then apply nail polish.

  • Eveline Cosmetics France
  • Made in EU

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