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Body Detox is a toxin removal procedure through the open pores of the skin. Stimulates the micro-metabolism of cells, fights against cellulite and reduces the edema that arose as a result of the disturbed process of fat formation and stagnation of water in the body. Based on the procedures of Body Detox, the innovative Cellu-Detox-Slim™ technology, consisting of green coffee extract, Purisoft™ complex, as well as the Intenslim™ slimming complex, corrects the metabolic disturbances that have resulted from the accumulation of toxins. Cleans the cells and prepares them for the action of active components that increase the elasticity of the skin. Provides a procedure for micro-drainage to combat fluid congestion - cellulite, as well as the accompanying edema. Promotes weight loss by stimulating the process of lipolysis, that is, the breakdown of fat cells.

Active components:

  1. Purisoft™ is a peptide derived from an exotic Moring tree that acts like a magnet, attracting toxins and stopping their penetration deep into the skin.
  2. Intenslim™ - a complex that promotes intensive weight loss, based on ginger and extract Globularia cardifolia - the synthesis of a key enzyme for burning fat tissue, as well as restoring the correct size and structure of fat cells. Significantly reduces the layer of adipose tissue in the abdomen, hips and buttocks.
  3. Extract of green coffee accelerates the process of fat burning in cells. Promotes drainage processes and stimulates microcirculation of blood.
  4. Caffeine reduces the volume of fat cells and also prevents the appearance of new adipocytes.
  5. Algae Fucus Vesiculosus - the main enemy of cellulite, markedly increases the density and elasticity of the skin, reduces stretch marks and intensively levels the "orange skin".
  6. African kigelia increases the elasticity of the skin.
  • Eveline Cosmetics France
  • Made in EU

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