5 reasons not to leave makeup at night

by Նազելի

Sometimes you can find thousands of reasons not to force yourself to wash off your makeup at night. More precisely, not reasons, but reasons. “Too tired after work,” “too tired after the club,” “nothing left to sleep,” “I don’t want my boyfriend to see me without makeup” and so on and so forth. The crown of these acquaintances to painful excuses is the great “Why?” Really, why? Why remove makeup from your face if you have to apply it again the next morning? Especially if it is expensive and of high quality and “in theory” should not cause any harm to the skin. If so far you reasoned this way, then I hope this article can convince you.

Why rinse off makeup: 5 reasons not to leave makeup at night

So why is it so important to remove makeup from your face on time? To begin with, many of us live in large cities that differ, to put it mildly, in an unhealthy environmental situation. And residents of smaller cities can hardly say that they live in favorable conditions for health. Exhaust fumes, soot, city dust are just a few of the harmful substances whose particles settle on our skin in a day.

Malicious particles, combined with particles of the makeup itself, are, firstly, an additional burden on the skin during sleep. But the skin, like the whole body, should rest. In particular, breathe freely and be saturated with oxygen. A dull, unhealthy color and an inelastic, “loose” surface are clear signs of skin fatigue.

Secondly, any particles of dirt or cosmetics remaining on the skin at night - this is a direct path to clogged pores. Clogged pores, in turn, lead to acne and other types of local inflammation and imperfections.

Thirdly, during a busy working (or weekend :)) day, unwanted substances enter the skin not only from the outside, but also from the inside. This is, first of all, sebum and other skin secretions. Accumulating under a thick layer of powder or foundation, they gradually go deep into the pores - as a result, we again get “everyone's favorite” acne and black spots.

If the main area of ​​the face is important to clean from makeup, then what can we say about the eyes. The skin around the eyes is especially tender and capricious, and many girls are prone to the appearance of early wrinkles. And therefore it is important not only to give her a rest on time, but also not to overdry. Moreover, the majority of dry eyeshadows include talcum powder - the main culprit for dry skin, and other types of eyeshadow (liquid, gel and others) contain a lot of substances unfavorable for skin health, up to alcohols. If you want to keep youth and elasticity of the skin around the eyes as long as possible - timely cleanse it of all unnecessary. And importantly, use the right products, adapted for thin, finicky skin of the eyelids.

Finally, do not forget about mascara - enveloping each hair along the perimeter and along the entire length, it not only lengthens the eyelashes and makes it thicker, but, on the other hand, makes it heavier and tougher. And this, ultimately, increases the fragility of eyelashes and contributes to early loss. There is no need to talk about the use of low-quality mascara that leaves lumps. So if you are a fan of naturally thick and fluffy eyelashes, mascara should linger on them as little as possible. This is another fifth reason to carefully remove makeup from the face every day.

Resting at night and gaining strength for a new day, let your skin do the same. Having received due attention and care, she will never remain in debt. We hope that we have convinced you that it is really necessary to remove daytime makeup on time. Now is the time to figure out how to do it right and what makeup remover is better to use.


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